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Internet Security.

Most people worry about Internet security to a certain degree. Using your credit card to book Airport Parking via the APH secure site is as safe as making a booking via the telephone. A number of security steps have been put in place to give you, the customer, total confidence when booking your Airport Parking with APH.

Encrypted Booking System

APH's online reservations system is secure and your credit card information will be encrypted. However because the booking process is within "frames" the secure icon may not automatically appear on your browser window. Unfortunately because there are numerous browsers and browser versions, APH are unable to address each possible way to view the security of the reservation pages. However, the following is how to check security on the "Booking Details" page if you are using Internet Explorer 5.0:

  • Right click on "Credit Card" page
  • Select Properties
  • Click on "Certificates" button - the secure icon will appear and an explanation of the Certificate Properties will be displayed

Site Testing

The Site has been fully tested to ensure all transactions are secure. Thousands of bookings have been processed without a single security issue. In the unlikely event of your credit card being abused as a result of shopping at APH they guarantee to reimburse 100% of any loses you incur. They will reimburse the first £50 of your loss as, legally; the credit card issuer must repay the rest. However, in the unlikely event of an error occurring they will handle the whole process on your behalf.

SSL Technology

The purchase area of the site is secure; this means that utilised is industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to allow for the encryption of potentially sensitive information.

Did You Know?

  • The risk of credit card fraud is 100 times greater when you hand your card to the waiter in a restaurant than when you shop on the Internet! Modern day encryption technology, used by many Internet stores virtually eliminates credit card fraud on the Internet.
  • If in the extremely unlikely event that somehow your card is used fraudulently, as a direct result of you providing information to APH, then as long as you notify your credit card company in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures, APH will cover the costs of any amount that your credit card company holds you responsible for.
  • In-fact, we are so convinced about the security of your data on the APH servers that if you ever suffer a direct loss from fraudulent use of your credit card, as a result of using the site, APH will repay your losses to the sum of 100%. Guaranteed!

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